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May 18 2008
Dreamatic Records

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"Darker than most, TRANSGRESSOR sends "Holy Ride".
A massive metal mix that borders on some kind of black opera.
Smashing tunes that pull ya in and devour you whole, relentless
guitars and one hell of a drummer. Atomic bomb fun for all you
heavy meddlers and anyone brave enough to take that ride."

Starr Tucker, NY Waste Magazine July 2008
"Transgressor is an 80s band whose career never took off. According to the band's bio, the guys met up
at a NYC Celtic Frost show and decided to bring the band back to life. The band only released material
on cassette back in the day. Holy Ride is basically a collection of material retooled with "new lyrics and
vocal melodies … from the band's first phase of songwriting from 1987 to 1988," states the bio.

Well, I can say this EP is a gem and I can't wait until they come out with a full-length.
The band is progressive thrash, a style you really don't hear much of at all nowadays.
The vocal range is immense and spaced out, which fits well with the psychedelic and spaced-out
moments of the music. In all the thrash bands I've listened to, new and old, I've never heard something
as original as this; seriously, the diversity in the EP's five tracks is mind blowing and after only a couple
listens, the "wow" factor hits. Be prepared to lift your jaw back in place after hearing this EP."

Bryer Wharton, Slug Magazine, July 2008
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